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Community Infiltration


Wyandotte County Against Crime

This is a community based organization that works in this neighborhood to reduce crime and improve the community through beautification and other improvement projects. Their monthly meeting is held the third Tuesday of each month at 6 pm. Dinner is provided followed by a meeting which includes reports from the Community Policing Officers and a speaker. All community members are welcome.


Iglesia Apostólica Emmanuel

A Spanish-speaking congregation that serves the Kansas City, Kansas area. Their services are Sunday at 3:00 pm, Tuesday at 7:30 pm, and Thursday at 7:00 pm. Rodrigo Huerta is the pastor of this church.

Silhouette of Cross Against Sky

Jyoti Church of Kansas City

A congregation of Nepali believers meet on Sundays 10-2 pm and Saturdays 2-5 pm. Their pastor is Joseph Rai.


Jesus Dwell International Pentecostal Ministry

Pastor Elisha Mutarahaza Francis is the leader of this congregation. Service times are Saturday 10-12 pm, and choir practice is held following the Saturday service. Sunday service is held from 2-5 pm.

Community Infiltration: Team Members
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